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6 Reasons to Use Craniosacral Therapy During Pregnancy

Here are 6 reasons why people recommend taking a course of Craniosacral therapy treatment during your pregnancy.

1. Ease thepain and discomfort of pregnancy Many times women complain of tightness and stomach problems, feeling squashed by the baby growing inside them. As the body changes to accommodate the growing foetus inside the womb your body deals with new stresses and strains on both the muscles and bones.General pain and discomfort can arise as a result and because you may want to be avoiding taking drugs to ease or deal with the pain women often find they have few options other than just living with the discomfort.The gentle techniques used in Craniosacral therapy help to reduce these stresses and pains and helps a pregnant mother enjoy the wonderful process of pregnancy in a more relaxed and happier mood.

2.Helps the body deal with the physical changes and challenges of a growing baby.As your new baby grows as much as the skin and womb can expand outwards there is still a lack of room in the abdomen for the rest of your organs. The stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs are fighting for space to function and move or slide around as they usually do, and this lack of space can impair the function of these organs.Regular Craniosacral treatment helps the organs of your abdomen to adapt to their new reality, maintain good blood flow, allow organs to move correctly within the body and release fascial tensions which may develop between neighbouring organs.This will leave a woman feeling more relaxed, less tightness, increased freedom of movement within her body and the feeling of more space inside her abdomen.

3.Treats back and other pains Often women complain of back pain or back ache during the second half of their pregnancy as their baby gains weight. This extra pressure on the back muscles can lead to sciatic pain down the legs or severe lower back pain. Some times pain also develops in the legs and feet as a result of pregnancy.Craniosacral therapy will help support the muscles ability to function properly, increasing blood and oxygen to them and reduce tensions in the muscles. With improved muscle tone in the lower and upper half of the back, tensions to the nerves are reduced and back and sciatic pains are relieved. Similarly, increased blood circulation in the hips and legs helps relieve pains felt in the legs and feet.

4. Helps prepare the mother's body for the process of birth Either regular treatment of Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy or some intensive treatment during the last couple of months, can help prepare the mother's body for the birth.By reducing tensions in the muscles of the pelvic floor, the uterus and the stomach child birth becomes an easier less physically stressful event for the mother.

5. Improves Blood flow in your body Treatment reduces the tensions in muscles - the diaphragm and pelvic floor in particular when treating pregnant women - which can often have been placing pressure on the major arteries or veins of the body, the aorta and the vena cava. These muscle restrictions can reduce and slightly constrict the arteries reducing blood flow in the torso or legs. When the diaphragm techniques are applied to these areas, muscle tone decreases and allows for improved blood flow around the body, especially to the digestive tract and the womb. So as well feeling more energised and relaxed from CST treatment, you will be benefiting your growing baby by allowing improved blood, nutrient and oxygen flow. And a growing baby needs all the food he/she can get.

6. Supports the immune system An amazing part of the pregnancy process is the unlimited love and giving the mother's body gives over to it's growing child. During pregnancy the mother's body diverts all of it's surplass energy and biological processes to protecting and providing the most optimal conditions for this growing baby. So much so that often the mother's immune system (which protects us from and fights disease and illness) can become less effective. CST treatment enhances and maintains a high level of energy and effectiveness for the body's defensive systems. This helps the mother deal better with the winter time, when colds, fevers and other (seasonal) illnesses are more likely to affect her.

Craniosacral Therapy is not only an excellent treatment for mothers during their pregnancy, but it is also an excellent way to help couples who are having trouble getting pregnant!

Many cases of unexplained infertility in both males and females have been successfully treated using Craniosacral therapy.The gentle techniques have helped to balance hormonal problems, improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, and help to enhance the womb's ability to support the development of the embryo.All in all Craniosacral therapy makes for a healthier and more relaxed pregnancy and an easier birth

Look for a Craniosacral Therapist in your area and find out how they can help you TODAY.

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