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What Can I Expect From a Treatment?

Your craniosacral therapy treatment will take place in a quite and relaxed setting. On your first appointment I will take a full medical history.I will then ask you to lay on a comfortable treatment couch, there will be no need to undress and you remain fully clothed

  • Your treatment will be very gentle using non- invasive manipulative techniques, seldom will the pressure used be greater than the weight of a 20p piece.

  • I begin by monitoring the craniosacral rhythm at various parts of your body, assessing the fluid that is flowing around your central nervous system.

  • By careful listening with my hands I am able to locate areas in your body where there is weak fluid flow or tissue motion. By focusing on the strain, stress and holding patterns in the tissues I can trace these areas of weakness through your body, back to the original source of the dysfunction.

  • I then use delicate manual techniques to release these problem areas and improve the form and function of your central nervous system.

  • A treatment usually lasts for one hour, longer sessions can be arranged if necessary.

  • As your treatment is based on your own unique individual needs it may, if I feel it is necessary and you are happy to do so, involve massage and or acupressure to help your body return to optimum health.

  • What you experience during your treatment is uniquely individual. Most people usually find treatment deeply relaxing and often experience feelings of lightness.You may experience feelings of warmth or a gentle pulsing in the areas of your body that I am working on as your tissues release.

  • You may notice the changes immediately or gradually over the next few days as the body continues to adjust. Sometimes you may experience an increase in your pain or the reccurance of an old pain, this should settle quickly usually within 24 hours.This is your body adjusting to change and letting go of current and past injuries and problems. If after 2 to 3 days it is has not settled you should telephone me. I often liken this to clearing out a cupboard, to tidy it up you have to empty it out creating a further mess, you then get rid of unwanted things and reorganise everything back neatly in a new place in the cupboard. 

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