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Somato Emotional Release

During an Upledger CranioSacral treatment you may recall memories surrounding past shock, trauma or injury. This is called Somato Emotional release.

  • It explores the links between the trauma held in the tissue and the emotion attached to the event. With respectful, gentle support and with the use of visualisation and dialogue our bodies can release what may be a long held and unhelpful emotional pain.

  • Sometimes your body needs to return to the exact position you were in when your body recieved the trauma, during treatment you may feel you need to move an arm, leg, head or your whole body.

  • When we meet with trauma in life, emotional or physical, our natural instinct is to tense up we can then become trapped in our thoughts and anxieties, these can manifest in our bodies as pain and dysfunction. SER allows us to reconnect with what we are feeling in our bodies', finding exactly what we need to do to enable us to return to optimum health

Sometimes you may find it beneifical for two or more therapist to work on you together. Multi therapist sessions can be arranged.

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