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" I bless the day my son found Jillian and Craniosacral Therapy and for asking if I'd give it a try.Having been in constant pain for many months with a trapped nerve causing Sciatica, that no amount of physiotherapy, or yet more pain killers could help, I was more than willing to give it a try.

The treatment itself is so relaxing that everything that felt so tight and "knotted up" suddenly became free, I felt this ,even after the first treatment.That makes you feel better right away. I just can't praise Craniosacral Therapy and Jillian anough, it has made such a difference to my life, by not being in constant pain now I can enjoy my life so much more. "

B.N.R. Newquay



"Throughout my pregnancy I developed vertigo symptoms and these continued after my baby was born. As I was breastfeeding I researched natural methods for treatment and discovered CST. After only one treatment my symptoms had much improved and after four treatments they have disappeared completely. CST is a very relaxing experience and Jillian put me at ease immediately"

L.C. Helston

I" booked an appointment with Jillian for a CST session for my 2 month old daughter. She was crying and fussing much more than normal and seemed frustrated a lot of the time. Jillian was great at explaining what she was doing and why every step of the way to reassure me and my husband. We had no idea the effects labour can have on a baby. I can honestly say that there was a huge improvement in my baby’s well being from the very first session and by the 3 session we were getting to know a whole new child. She is now a very contented and giggly 5month old. Next time we have a baby, booking an appointment with Jill will be one of the first things we do"


"I had sessions of CST regularly throughout my pregnancy and would thoroughly recommend it to any expectant mother. The treatments are wonderfully relaxing, and by the end of an hour I felt as though I was rebalanced. Jill’s work from lower back up to the head and neck is a reminder of the power of the spine, reconnecting all areas of the back. Specifically for pregnancy, her focus on the lower abdomen had a relaxing, calming effect, with positive energy for the baby. He would always be lively during the treatments, kicking and moving around. My pregnancy was a happy, stress-free experience, and for much of this I must thank Jill".

LE Truro

"F. was a breech baby, so it seemed all the more important that any trauma experienced during his upside-down birth should be helped by CST. He had his first treatment at 2 weeks old and has continued to do so regularly (he is 10 months now). Jill worked to release tight muscles in his neck and arms, and certainly seemed to help the reflux problems he was having in the first few weeks after his birth.

Jill is brilliant with children and F seems to love having the treatments. He’s very calm afterwards, though in general he is an extremely chilled-out, cheerful little boy, which I believe is partly due to my CST during pregnancy and his own since."

L.E Truro

"I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic muscle pain and headaches. Over the past year I have received acupressure and cranial therapy from Jill at the Falmouth Natural Health Practice. These treatments have reduced my symptoms, improved my mobility and have significantly reduced the levels of medication I take.

I had previously visited chiropractors and osteopaths, but have seen much better results from the more gentle treatments offered by acupressure and cranial therapy.

The service I received from Jill and the team has been exceptional. The treatments are tailored to help my condition and I ’would not hesitate to recommend Jill and the Falmouth Natural Health Practice to anyone seeking relief from Fibromyalgia or similar conditions"

JH -Falmouth

" I first heard of Craniosacral Therapy from my daughter who had excellent results from the therapy on her children.

Although I was quite sceptical at first, she persuaded me to give it a try after I was suffering the debilitating effects of a viral infection. I am pleased to report that after two sessions my general feelings of tiredness improved dramatically.

Jillian then set to work on my long standing problems in my neck and hip during subsequent sessions. I have found these sessions to be of great benefit, so I have no hesitation in endorsing craniosacral therapy."

J.W. Falmouth

" I first went to Jillian about 6 months ago when I had reached a state of desperation about my dizziness, headaches and sore neck. I had previously been to see both my GP and E.N.T. consultant, to rule out anything sinister, but was still suffering badly from my symptoms. With having two young children I was finding it hard to go about my daily life with constant dizziness etc.

I had 3 consecutive weekly treatments with Jillian initially. Even after the first treatment I felt an improvement, but after the third I felt virtually back to normal. I now go for a treatment monthly as 'maintenance', as I carry alot of tension in my neck and shoulders which affects my head.

Jillians treatments are extremely gentle and very relaxing, but also very effective. I would highly recommend her as she has made a huge difference to my quality of life."


"I have had a number of Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Jill for problems with neck, shoulder and back pain, and also stiffness from Arthritis.

This gentle and non-invasive therapy does bring quick relief and improvement, leaving me more flexible and active to enjoy such things as golf and gardening.

I have no hesitation in recommending Craniosacral Therapy with Jill who takes time to listen to the client as well as treating the cause.

J.G. Falmouth

"We first attended Jillians clinic for craniosacral therapy after recommendation for our little boy who had a traumatic birth. Jillian is very welcoming and creates a relaxed and friendly but professional environment in her clinic.

The sessions seemed to help with his relaxation, colic and general well being

We have continued with regular appointments as our little boy seems to enjoy the sessions".M.W.

" I have a range of complex health issues. Diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, a hereditary Motor and Sensory neuropathy; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a debilitating predisposition to bouts of labyrinthitis or vertigo.

These attacks lasted between one and six weeks: symptoms were nausea, dizziness, loss of balance and an intolerance of light and sound and disrupted my life completely. I became desperate for help as none came from traditional medical sources.

I came across Jillian at Falmouth Natural Health Practice and decided after talking with her and discovering that she was a completely rational and sane person that I would give Craniosacral Therapy a go!

After the first session I felt so relaxed that I ended up snoring. There was no need to undress or worry about leaving with a head full of massage oils. Jill creates a calm and reassuring atmosphere and complete professionalism. Her movements are varied and barely perceptible,but I am aware of a symphony of intense colour flooding and ebbing behind my closed eyes whilst her hands hold and gently manipulate my head. This has quite a profound restorative and emotional effect on me. The hour I spend with Jill is time for me to completely concentrate and focus on my own sense and well being.

I slept deeply after just one session and began to feel a sense of what I can only describe as an inner peace. The turmoil and anxiety over all my complex health issues had wound me up so everything became insurmountable and now after just six treatments I have been able to get on top of the physical symptoms. I am less tired, far more positive and tested Craniosacral Therapy to the full when an onset of vertigo hit me- I had a treatment with Jill when it was at its worse and within two days all the symptoms had gone and I felt completely back on track, with no sense of cotton wool as had plagued me for the last five years! I was so excited and relieved that I could continue my working week without having to postpone life as I had previously had to. My fatigue has become more manageable and so is my balance, I tend to leave my stick behind more and more as my confidence is reclaimed.

For me Craniosacral Therapy has become a time when I can relax and have my 'batteries' recharged in the simplest, non invasive and holistic way imaginable."

J.W. Truro

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