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Are There Any Conditions Where CST Should Notbe Used?

Although Craniosacral Therapy is very safe and suitable for a wide range of people from new borns to the elderly, there are some occasions where it would be unsafe to use it.

The following conditions make the use of Craniosacral Therapy unsuitable:

  • Recent skull fractures – for example if you have been recently involved in an accident and there has been serious head trauma (intracranial pressure). One the fracture is healed it is then recommended and very benefical for your recovery.

  • If a stroke (including acute haemorrhage) has occurred inside the last 6 months. If the condition has been stable for at least six months, then Craniosacral Therapy can be very beneficial.

  • If there has been any recent leaking of the spinal fluid (due to lumbar puncture etc.). However, once the situation has stabilised and you have your Doctors approval, Craniosacral Therapy is a very effective treatment aid to healing in this area.

  • Any swelling in the blood vessels of the head, acute cerebral aneurysms.


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