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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments you will need varies depending on your age, medical history and the severity and length of time you have had the condition.

  • In acute cases ( a problem that have just started) 1-4 treatments is usually enough.


  • Serious and chronic cases ( a problem you have had for a long time), you may require more regular treatments over a course of months, 6-12 sessions is not unusual.


  • Once your condition has improved regular maintanance treatments are recomended, they will be very benefical to you. These vary from every 2-6 months to once a year. 


  • I would expect you to notice some improvement after 4 treatments, in chronic and more long standing and serious conditions this may take up to 6 treatments. If no improvement has occured after this I would discuss it with you as maybe this is not the right therapy for you.


  • Sometimes the problem you sought help for is the symptom of something deeper and is not the first to be resolved, you may first notice improvements in other aspects of your health first, such as a general increase in energy and a feeling of well being or the improvement of other health issues.Think of it as removing the layers of an onion, with the removal of each layer there is a healing of one aspect of your health until you get to the cause of the problem. 


  • After a treatment it is not unusual to get an aggravation of your symptoms, if this last more than 48hours, or should you wish to discontinue treatment with me for any reason, please telephone me to discuss your concerns. It may be that you just need reassuring about the treatment, or your next treatment may need to be brought forward. I am happy to discusss any concerns with you and would rather call me than worry about something. 

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